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Your Personal Cable Network

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CumulusTV is an Android app that lets users create and share IPTV channels and play them back on all of their devices. Most notably, it interfaces with Android TV's Live Channels app, and this allows you to turn any stream or website into a Live Channel.


  • Add m3u8 streams directly or import entire playlists into the app
  • Users can customize channel splashscreens, logo, genres, and more
  • Supports Live Channels, making it easy to play your media on Android TV
  • Don't know what to watch, there's several included streams to choose from
  • If your URL is not a stream, it displays it in a WebView. What can you do with a web browser in Live Channels?
  • Supports time shifting: you can pause video and go back in Live Channels
  • Powered by the ChannelSurfer library
  • Sync your channels through Google Drive and edit them anywhere through the standard JSON format
  • Playback is done through Google's ExoPlayer library, so it supports any files ExoPlayer supports

Getting Started


You can download this app directly from Google Play.

If you're looking to have the latest and greatest version, sign up for the beta. You can also check out the releases on GitHub.

Stay Active

Visit the Subreddit

/r/CumulusTV is a budding community where users are able to go to discuss the app, propose features, and discuss bugs that they may find.


Cumulus TV is open source and I welcome anyone to contribute to it. Feel free to open a pull request or file an issue.